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Sometimes it seems that Galkovsky is an idiot. But more often he seems to be a very intelligent person. Not a genius, just a very powerful rationalist. However, if the Termination approaches, this is no more than stuff and nonsense. Of course, one may say that all those expectations of the planet Nibiru and the Earth catastrophe caused by it are only parascience and paranoic noise. Which, however, will become clear quite soon. And it will be a real pity if nothing really happens. The End of the World is anyway a worthy event, the only worthy event to be exact. But it's all rubbish. Perhaps, a really good observation would be that Galkovsky and Gagarin are the same person, or to put it philisophically more accurately, that Galkovsky is a transformation of Gagarin's entity, implying that they both have same substance passed from one to another with only slight accidential alterations.


    Не педераст я и не кегебист, А жанра разговорного артист. Смешу и просвещаю - два в одном, Но не бесплатно - нужно денег в дом. Такая жизнь, за все…


    В Академии Наук Заседает Марк Фейсбук. А Утенок-старичок Приоделся в пиджачок. Очень зол старик на Сапу - Отдавил Утенку лапу. Никакой эмпатии - А…


    Не ждет ли Сапу Носика судьба? Поосторжней б с головным убором. О помощи финансовой мольба Окончиться ведь может приговором. И не заметишь, как…

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