humbert_2 (humbert_2) wrote,

Why does Galkovsky write so much about Jews?

Some time ago he noticed that the subject deserved maximum 5% of his postings. But looking at his recent blog articles, he has much exceeded that level, and why? Somehow, he seems to be addicted to that issue, even dependent on it. Of course, Jews have contributed a lot into the demolition of Russia and the establishment of the Soviet state and culture on her ruins. But, according to Galkovsky, they were juct a tool in the British hands, the hammer which broke Russian skulls. So, devoting too much attention to that cruel Oriental tribe would mean, to a certain extent, a revision of the doctrine.


    Не педераст я и не кегебист, А жанра разговорного артист. Смешу и просвещаю - два в одном, Но не бесплатно - нужно денег в дом. Такая жизнь, за все…


    В Академии Наук Заседает Марк Фейсбук. А Утенок-старичок Приоделся в пиджачок. Очень зол старик на Сапу - Отдавил Утенку лапу. Никакой эмпатии - А…


    Не ждет ли Сапу Носика судьба? Поосторжней б с головным убором. О помощи финансовой мольба Окончиться ведь может приговором. И не заметишь, как…

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